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Local Library Gifts

GWCHE members have an opportunity to nominate books for GWCHE to donate to the Waco- McLennan County Public Library. Nominate books, CDs, or DVDs to be purchased and processed and on the library shelves for you to borrow in the late spring. Feel free to nominate books that continue in a series.

GWCHE members will benefit from having books of their choosing to support their own family‚Äôs educational needs.  The money for this donation comes from the funds previously used to pay rent for the former GWCHE library.  

As a decidedly Christian group, the title choices will be life-giving, hopeful books, like our Savior. The books will be Salt and Light to the world who will benefit from having more choices of titles at thelibrary. The library is glad to work with GWCHE and have any part of the community utilize and visit the library; they recognize that the donations reflect what kind of books we want to checkout.

What you need to do:

  1. Pick titles that you would like access to through our public library (nominated titles need to have publication dates after the year 2000; copyright dates may be older).
  2. Submit nominations using form before the deadline has passed.

form can be found HERE

Last year's books!