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How to Choose Curriculum

  • Pray

  • Read and research all you can. (Look at the links below for some ideas.) There is online curriculum, boxed curriculum (books and lesson plans all together), or eclectic curriculum (pieced together from a variety of publishers.) There are also many styles of curriculum.

  • Look at online stores that carry curriculum, attend book fairs when available, talk to other home school families about their experiences. Also many homeschoolers post curriculum reviews on homeschooling blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  • Use what you learn to match your child’s learning style to your curriculum and/or your family’s situation (example: unit study works well for several children in different grade levels)

  • Know that your choice might not be exactly like someone else. That’s OK. Use what will work for your family!

  • Texas State (TEA) Graduation Requirments -You may use the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) list to help guide your high school transcript/ credit plans for college-bound high school students

Types of Homeschooling Methods

  • Traditional Textbook/Workbook — this philosophy uses textbooks and workbooks following a specified scope and sequence. (Examples: Abeka, Bob Jones)

  • Classical Education – this philosophy uses the Trivium as its basis teaching 1)Grammar Stage (Learn Elements of Lang., memorize, observe) 2)Dialectic Stage (Use facts to draw conclusions, debate and 3) the Rhetoric Stage (using language persuasively) (Example: “The Well-Trained Mind”)

  • Unit Study — In this philosophy, all subjects surround or spin from one topic. (Examples: “The Weaver”, “A World of Learning Adventure”, “How to Create A Unit Study”)

  • Charlotte Mason/’Whole’ Book Based – Involves children in real life situations exposes them to best sources, read “living” books (or whole books) which make subjects come alive. (Examples: “Educating the Whole-Hearted Child”, “For the Children’s Sake”, “Charlotte Mason Companion”)

  • Unschooling — in this philosophy, each child pursues his own interests. Parents provide resources for child to learn on his own and access real world. (Example: “The Joyful Home School”)

  • Delayed Academics – In this philosophy, the parent/teacher doesn’t start ‘formal’ education until the child is developmentally ready. (Example: “The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook”)

Teaching Styles/Modes of Learning

  • Kinesthetic – Hands on Manipulative style. (example: “Math-U-See”)

  • Auditory – Listens well, hears the words – understands

  • Visual – Must “see” the concept either in writing or pictures

(The best curricula involve all three of these modes – to help the child remember what he/she has learned)

Learning and Personality Styles

  • Type A – Hands on – learns by doing. Short attention spans, do not like restraint, planning or structure.

  • Type B – Responsible, likes things structured, planned, organized. Tends to perfectionism.

  • Type C – likes to be in control of himself and his surroundings. Self-motivated, but lacks social skills and tends to enjoy solitary activities.

  • Type D – Has a warm, responsive personality. Concepts are more interesting to them than details. Sometimes starts with zeal , but easily loses steam once the excitement wears off

(Resources to help with Learning Styles – “Christian Home Education Manual-Elementary Grades”, “Educating the WholeHearted Child”, “The Way They Learn”.)

Curriculum Reviews and Online Options

Cathy Duffy Curriculum Reviews
List of Online Schools (Christian)
This is a list put together by Cathy Duffy.
List of Online Individual Courses (Christian)
This is a list by Cathy Duffy.

Curriculum Stores

Rainbow Resource- Online Curriculum Store
They sell a large variety of curriculum. They also offer curriculum packages, both Christian and secular.
Timberdoodle Curriculum Store
They sell complete curriculum packages and individual curriculum.
Christianbook Homeschool Curriculum Store
Mardel Christian store has a variety of homeschool curriculum both online and in our local store (4324 W Waco Dr.)
Homeschool Buyer's Co-op
Homeschool Buyers Co-op Offers Affordable Homeschool Curriculum & Free Resources. Membership is free. There is an option to print free photo student IDs from their site.
Homeschool Classifieds
One of the largest sites on the web for buying and selling new and used homeschool materials
Homeschool House (Consignment Store in Belton)
The Homeschool House (2152 N Main St. in Belton) offers consigned curriculum and enrichment classes. Their Facebook page says to contact them to schedule a time if you would like to sell your curriculum.

Curriculum- Publishers with Multiple Subjects

Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Rainbow Resource Eclectic Curriculum Packages by Grade
Rainbow Resource created various elclectic curriculum packages. They offer a Christian Package, a Secular Package. or a Christian Economy Package.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Timberdoodle Eclectic Curriculum Packages by Grade
Timberdoodle's award-winning curriculum kits are suitable for grades 0-12 and packed with hands-on/STEM components. They offer a Classic (religious) package or a Nonreligious Package for each grade level.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Master Books
Christian, Charlotte Mason inspired K-12 curriculum
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Sonlight Curriculum
Literature based curriculum. Several grades can be combined.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
My Father's World Curriculum
K-12 Christian homeschool curriculum that combines Charlotte Mason's ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus. Several grades can be combined.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Easy Peasy- Free Online Curriculum
A complete, free Christian K-12 online curriculum. You’ll need paper, pencil, etc. and some minor supplies.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Abeka (has online options)
Traditional, textbook based curriculum. They have an option of video courses and an online accredited school.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
BJU (has online options)
Traditional, textbook based curriculum. They have an option of video courses both online and dvd, however it is not an accredited school. The online option saves time by letting students access tests and quizzes online and grading them as soon as they are completed.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
AOP Curriculum (has online option)
This includes Horizons workbook curriculum, LIFEPAC's student-paced curriculum, Switched on Schoolhouse computer-based curriculum, and Monarch's online curriculum. They also offer an accredited online academy.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
A.C.E Curriculum
Independent, Bible-based K–12 curriculum. Students work through paces independently.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Five in a Row
A literature-based unit study curriculum for Pre-K through 8th grade.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Ambleside Online
A free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Simply Charlotte Mason
They show you how to confidently teach your whole family together using the Charlotte Mason method, living books, and their open-and-go daily plans.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum
multi-level curriculum that incorporates stories and hands-on activities and encourages good morals
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Christian Liberty Press (has online option)
They offer full-grade-level curriculum packages, individual items, and testing services. Also has online option- CLASS Homeschools (homeschools.org)
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Heart of Dakota
A Christian, Charlotte Mason oriented curriculum that can be used with multiple ages at the same time.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Gather Round Homeschool
A Christian unit-study program that can be used with children from PK- 12.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Tapestry of Grace
A Christian unit study curriculum that covers most of the major subject areas for students K-12.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
The Well-Trained Mind Curriculum (has online options)
Well-Trained Mind homeschool curriculum includes works by Susan Wise Bauer as well as other classical history and classical resources... including Story of the World, First Language Lessons, and Writing with Ease. They also offer online classes through the Well-Trained Mind Academy.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Veritas Press (has online option)
Classical, Christian curriculum in three different options: parent taught, self-paced, or live, online classes.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Critical Thinking Company
The award-winning Critical Thinking Company publishes PreK-12+ books and software to develop critical thinking. They also offer full curriculum.
Curriculum Publishers with Multiple Subjects
Rod & Staff
Bible-Based Curriculum by a Mennonite publishing company, Multiple Subjects, grades 1-10

Curriculum- Math

Homeschool Curriculum- Math
DIVE Interactive Education
E-learning courses for Math (Shormann and Saxon) and Science. Live online math classes are also available.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Math Mammoth
1-7th Grade, Mastery Math curriculum. (7th grade is Pre-Algebra)
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Singapore Math
Mastery-Based Math Curriculum
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
K-12 mastery-based, student-paced math courses
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Life of Fred Math
Life of Fred engages students in a fun narrative while instilling a solid understanding of the principles of mathematics--without an abundance of repetitive, boring drills
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Teaching Textbooks
Independent, computer-based, spiral math curriculum.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
The Art of Problem Solving Math
Textbook and Online Math Curriculum. Beast Academy Math for grades 2-5. AOPS Math for grades 5-12.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Ask Dr. Callahan Math
Video lessons for High School Math covering each topic and working examples as needed.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Math Without Borders
Home Study Companion series includes video lessons to match the textbook plus solutions to assigned problems on video.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Mr. D Math
Interactive online high school math courses or self-study online at your own pace
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Derek Owens Math & Physics online homeschool classes
High School Math & Science Online Courses. He does all the grading for you.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
My Homeschool Math Class.com
Real-time Math Classes for Homeschool Students. Quizzes and tests are submitted for grading and feedback.
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
Chalk Dust Video Learning Math Company
Complete Math DVD program for grades 3-12
Homeschool Curriculum- Math
CTC Math
Online Math Curriculum for children in grades K-12

Curriculum- Language Arts

Homeschool Curriculum- Language Arts
Easy Grammar
Easy Grammar Systems is a leading publisher for grammar curriculum that is “Easy to Teach, Easy to Learn, Easy to Remember!”
Homeschool Curriculum- Language Arts
Essentials in Writing
Video based homeschool writing curriculum for your home school with an online grading option for 7-12th grades
Homeschool Curriculum- Language Arts
Institute for Excellence in Writing
The IEW Writing curriculum by Andrew Pudewa is a homeschool writing curriculum that will instruct you on how to effectively teach writing, from the basics of paragraphs through advanced essays.
Homeschool Curriculum- Language Arts
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
A well-loved curriculum for teaching your child to read
Homeschool Curriculum- Language Arts
All About Learning Press
All About Reading and All About Spelling Programs

Curriculum- History

Homeschool Curriculum- History
Notgrass History
A Christian Curriculum that Combines History, Bible, and Literature
Homeschool Curriculum- History
Mystery of History
A chronological, Christian, complete world history curriculum in 4 Volumes. All grades can be combined.
Homeschool Curriculum- History
Beautiful Feet Books
Charlotte Mason-inspired history and literature curriculum

Curriculum- Science

Homeschool Curriculum- Science
A well-used publisher for Christian science curriculum. They also have some Math, Bible, and Worldview curriculum.
Homeschool Curriculum- Science
Science Shepherd
Science Shepherd Christian Homeschool Curriculum was developed by a homeschool dad, Dr. Scott Hardin, who experienced firsthand the need for quality higher level science curricula for the homeschool community.

Curriculum- Other Subjects

Homeschool Curriculum- Other Subjects
Lists of Homeschool Spanish Options
Complete Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Round-Up by Learning Language at Home.
Homeschool Curriculum- Other Subjects
Homeschool Spanish Academy (online)
1-on-1 Online Spanish Instruction. All Grade Levels Available.
Homeschool Curriculum- Other Subjects
The Great Courses Plus- Streaming Service
A Subscription online streaming service that provides access to over 11,000 engaging video lectures in a variety of subjects and topics.
Homeschool Curriculum- Other Subjects
Online Chess Curriculum
Homeschool Curriculum- Other Subjects
Teachers Pay Teachers
Lots of free and inexpensive curriculum tools for your homeschool. You can search by age or subject.