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Texas Book Fairs

GWCHE Used Book Sale

Every year in the spring our very own, GWCHE, hosts a used book sale.  GWCHE members may participate and sell their items.  Perks of this book sale include a Freebie table, a one-room sale that is easy to maneuver through, and an opportunity to donate items to missionaries and families in need.  Few local vendors present make for new insights into area opportunities without being overwhelming.  Children welcome and encouraged to look, buy, and sell!

Things to Consider:

  • Bring cash only, most “vendors” are members and will not take check or cards
  • This is predominantly a used book sale.  New curriculum or workshops should not be expected.

THSC Convention – Arlington

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Formerly run by Hearth & Home, THSC will charge this convention starting in May 2015.  The workshops are mostly small and there are plenty of things to do, see, and learn.  The Arlington Convention Center is spacious, so there’s a lot to see.   Per typical convention, you can expect workshops for adults and teens, plenty of vendor tables to shop and learn from, resources to encourage you and help you get motivated.  A book drop room – great perk for tired armloads!  Teen track workshops are also a great perk.  Drive from Waco about hour and a half – leave time for parking though!  Pre-register to avoid those check-in lines!  Early Bird registration discounts available through April every year.  Want an extra blessing?  Check out the hotel discounts for the convention and stay for the weekend.  You’ll be grateful you did!

Things to Consider:

  • No strollers or wheeled carts allowed, except with medical waiver
  • Paid parking at the convention center and long lines for parking entrance
  • Pre-dominantly vendor led workshops
  • Seating areas for eating or breaks were not typically available in years past.
  • There’s a check-room for your gear, ice chest, purchases!  Packing a lunch or snacks becomes a breeze!

THSC Convention – The Woodlands

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Just North of the Houston area, The Woodlands has become host to a great home school conference hosted by the Texas Home School Coalition.  This is a big convention!  You’ll want to register early, park early, get to your workshops early, and be ready to learn a lot.  Word on the street is that workshops are standing room only!  This is a jam packed 3-day convention with tons of resources and wisdom to learn from.  Quite family friendly and hubby friendly.  Pack an lunch and plan to stay a while!  Houston area brings lots of room for vacation-type attractions to add on to the trip.  There are children’s programs at this convention.

Things to Consider:

  • Traffic, parking, hotels will all be busy and booked.  Plan ahead.  Leave time for all necessary travel, and line waiting.
  • Go ready to take in a lot.  Bring a friend or spouse so you don’t go at it alone if it’s your first time.
  • Be sure to review THSC’s website for costs like parking, lunch, and rules for strollers or wheeled carriers.
  • Bring snacks since concession prices will cost you!

FEAST: Family Educator’s Alliance of South TX/San Antonio


North TX Home Educator’s Network/Plano


Christian Home Education Association of Central TX/Austin