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Testing Options

Although Texas home schoolers are not required to take standardized tests during each academic school year, home schoolers do have the option of using different types of testing to determine grade placement and to assess their child’s academic progress throughout the years. 

Testing options:

  1. Test with GWCHE in May.  GWCHE uses Iowa Basic Skills Tests for K-12th grades. You must sign up through the website for testing with GWCHE.
  2. Test at home using Bob Jones or Abeka. Iowa Basic Skills or Standford 10 available.  Parents must be certified to test at home and to certify, they must have a bachelor’s degree.  Pay attention to each company’s testing window and order tests according to their timeline.  Abeka- https://www.abeka.com/christianschool/products/testing/standardizedtests.aspx. Bob-Jones- https://www.bjupress.com/testing/       
  3. Test Online. Options include using http://www.setontesting.com/ or http://www.abekatesting.org/StanfordOnline.aspx. Testing done online is for 3rd-12th grades and can be either Stanford or ITBS.  Parents do not have to be certified to have their kids tested online.