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Resources for Unique Learners


Special Needs Articles from Texas Home School Coalition

Niki Hayes, GWCHE member, wrote this article on resources for unique learning needs.

Websites and Organizations

Heart of Texas Autism Network – Anita Karney, contact
This free organization provides wonderful things for special needs children to encourage inclusion. HOTAN is 254-733-8965. Email info is, on Facebook, and website is

The H.O.T.Austism Network has a monthly Supper Club, one is for kids 5yrs up to teens, that meets the First Monday of each month at Chili’s … and the other is for teens (13+) up through young adults (25ish), that meets the fourth Tuesday every month, locations vary. HOTAN is 254-733-8965. Email info is, on Facebook, and website is

Growing on the Spectrum, a gardening group led by Master Gardener Lynn DeMuynck, is a lot of fun. Lynn teaches us about all things green (recycling, growing, etc) and we take care of two plant beds at the WE CARE Community Garden downtown (at 4th & Jackson). Food harvested is donated to Caritas. We also have monthly meetings, do single-events like field trips to Mayborn, Symphony, etc on a non-scheduled basis!

Boy Scout troop is for boys 11 and up, and if one is diagnosed with a disability you can join/remain a Boy Scout past the age of 18. We meet every other Thursday at 6:30. Their troop name is TroopABILITY (Troop #6008) and we have a Facebook page. Email is, or call 214-766-326- (cellphone).

H.O.T. Kids Bowling group (on Facebook) is a weekly bowling group (not a league) for kids/youth/young adults who are specially labled. We meet at AMF’s Lake Air Lanes on Bosque Blvd right across from the HOT Fairgrounds. We meet at 6:30 every Thursday (and usually the kids who go to Boy Scouts on alternate weeks are at bowling!) For more info people can call Anita Karney at 214 766 3260 (cellphone).

Baylor University – Autism Resource Center 254-710-3605
They offer support groups for Aspberger, ADD/ADHD and all various special needs situations.

Baylor University–Communication Sciences and Disorders 254-710-2567

Baylor University – Speech and Hearing Clinic – 254-710-2568
Speech and languages, neuro rehabilitation, audiology, and literacy.

Oso Musical is a free once-weekly music class for children in the Waco area who have special needs. Our participants range from Kindergarten to 12th grade and have a variety of different needs and abilities.

Center for Learning and Development –  254-751-0922

Checks children for cognitive, perceptual and memory skills. Covers visual, memory, reading, coping speed, auditory memory and sequential information. workshops available.

Hope Therapy – 254-399-8255
Offers physical,occupation and speech therapy plus metronome therapy for children.

Little Giant Steps – 972-758-1260 
Resources for parents looking to help there children with learning difficulties. This neurodevelopment approach addresses specific learning challenges.

R.E.A.C.H. – Riding Equines to achieve confidence and health – 254-848-7888
REACH is a wonderful place that uses horses to help children with various special need issues. It is amazing how God’s horse can work wonders in a child.

Michelle vonRosenberg – 254-644-7863
Michelle is a Metronome Therapist – Benefits everyday functions with rhythm and timing. Enhances coordination, cognition, processing, memory, motor planning, verbal skills, auditory processing and balance.

National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (Christian Families Homeschooling Special Needs Children). Free access to online articles.

Brain Pop – an animated learning site that engages students, supports educators and bolsters achievement. This is a fun way to teach your children things from math, history, science to health and much more. The children really enjoy it. It also has a place to take a quiz and grade it.

Language Nut –
A website created to help children learn through songs,stories and games. Annual subscription is $30.00

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