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All About GWCHE Field Trips

Posted on: Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

Here are reminders and information for our new folks on GWCHE field trips.


You’ve got your spelling curriculum, some writing, reading and math.  What about those hands on learning opportunities?  The tangibles, go out and see it and do it.  Hear about it first hand from experts.  That’s where field trips come in handy!


We kind of have our own GWCHE curriculum on field trips.  It’s not so much full of specifics on what to do as easy methods for how and who.


Let’s start with the easiest component—Membership.  Because of policies and procedures to help with ease, community relations, etc, only actual members of GWCHE are able to participate in GWCHE sponsored events.  Field trips are no different.  Want to go to the zoo with us?  Gotta be a member.  If you are reading this, you likely are a member at this moment.  Need to renew for the new year? Click the Membership Application to your left.  Want a friend to join you on all these fun adventures? Get them to join up!


How—this isn’t too difficult either.   The first thing you need to know here is that all trips are hosted by a parent, that’s YOU!  Pick a place, a person to teach the kids, or some process you want to watch or touch.  The field trip coordinators have a handy checklist system of steps to follow here.  They publish your trip on the website and make you a neat RSVP form that keeps all of your participants in one place. 


Participating—We’ve even got “curriculum” for how to attend!  It’s easy.  The official guidelines are found here, however, this simple acronym will help us all keep it simple:




Reserve—Click the link and submit your RSVP.  Our venues need an accurate count beforehand to secure appropriate personnel.   Watch your GWCHE emails closely because field trips fill up fast,  so if applicable you’ll want to RSVP quickly.  Only persons who submitted an RSVP form will be able to attend.  Waiting lists are kept for trips that fill quickly. 


Exchange information—Need to cancel?  Let the host know immediately, so folks on the waiting list have a chance to attend.  Hosts contact participants after trip fills with additional information.


Attentive—Give your attention to speakers!  Adults and children show respect by listening attentively on trips. 


Display Gratitude—Say thanks to GWCHE hosts and venue representatives.  We want to leave the aroma of Christ in our wake.  Be proactive in showing gratitude for all who have served us in providing these opportunities. 


That’s it!  Study this page and it’s links and you’ll have all you need to have a great year of GWCHE hands on enrichment activities.  If you have questions, concerns or need any help on this journey, this GWCHE curriculum has free customer support.  Kim Olmstead and Corrie Bell have been co-coordinating and hosting GWCHE field trips for 5 full years.  They do have to take breaks to homeschool their own kids, but contact them at to set up a trip or with any questions or concerns.  Let’s get exploring!


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